Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have decided to share my opinions, and suggestions concerning buying, and tasting all of our favorite vices. I.E. Premium cigars, Imported and Domestic Fine Wines, and Craft Beers. All of my opinions are strictly mine, and everyone's palate is different. It is something i thoroughly enjoy and I have based my life and career around it. I believe that wine, cigars and beer are a craft and an art form and I respect all those that are involved in the process of pouring their heart and soul into some of the most beautifully crafted works of art I have ever come across period. The amount of dedication to the craft, as well as the intuition, creativity, technology, and knowledge is unprecedented. I have been privileged in my short tenure to have been to some of the finest tastings, and met some of the finest vintners, brewers, and tobacconists in the world, and i would like to share my experiences with all. Check back weekly for new posts and comments.

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