Friday, May 22, 2009

Get Stoned this Summer

Stone brewing in San Diego California produces some of, in my opinion, the best beer this country has to offer. They are unparalleled in consistency and flavor. The Pale Ale is one of my personal favorites because it offers a few things. To me it is an introductory beer for those that are not used to a hoppy, bitter, IPA's or Imperial IPA's, Slightly hopped it gives newbies an opportunity to enjoy the hops and not make faces. Stone keeps me interested with a plethora of seasonal, and limited release brews. Another reason I enjoy Stone Pale Ale is because of its session beer qualities, because you can easily down six with friends playing your favorite game of "shoot each other with Roman candles" this Independence Day. Why not drink a 100% American Pale Ale. (adapted from the British ironically)

Beer: Stone Pale Ale

Glassware: Shaker (pint glass)

Aroma: very slight hops, with hints of fruit and caramel, slight malt

Color: Deep Amber

Taste: Hops on the front of the tongue accompanied by crisp and refreshing carbonation. Layered, and structured with a robust finish of malt.

Hops: Magnum and Ahtanum

Food Recommendations: This Robust Ale lends itself to be general versatility in choosing a food to accompany it. It goes well with anything from chicken teriyaki to filet medallions, don't over do the spice or the sauce on either of them for they may overshadow the beers complexity.

Cigar Recommendation: This one screams the lusty sweet taste of a Ashton Maduro #20. The size and the draw of this cigar is a perfect compliment to the slight caramel of the beer.

A must bring to the BBQ

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