Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't make me pull out my Glock.....enspiel

I'm back after a nice long weekend of remembering what people sacrifice in order to let us enjoy the finer things in life. It is because of these men and women we are able to eat chicken wings and drink beer without worrying about a bomb going off. So, I want to say Thank You to these fine men and women, and take a minute to reflect and remember those people that gave their lives to give us freedom.

Over the weekend i tried a couple more summer beers, one of which is the Buffalo Bills Brewery- Orange Cream Ale, this Beer is very tasty especially for a fruit beer. With hints of coriander and honey, and a nose of Orange Crush. This is light wheat beer without the syrupy finish that some fruit beers give.

But more notably i just had the Great Lakes Glockenspiel beer. This is a traditional Weizenbock (dark wheat) style beer.
96 ponits Ratebeer.com
available at Havana House

Glassware Recommendation: Dimpled Mug
Color: Dark amber with hints of plum

Aroma: yeasty, and meaty, molasses, clove

Taste: Banana, Cinnamon. Complex and dark with layered flavors and light finish, a little hot but nicely balanced with tropical fruit and cinnamon balancing out the alcohol.

Food Recommendation: The Banana really shows through, so i suggest a tropical dish, something Spanish perhaps a tapas dish with chicken and plantains.

Cigar recommendation: This would go very nicely with a surprise from me. I think a Drew Estate Ambrosia would compliment the clove and cinnamon nicely considering the spice this beer delivers.

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