Friday, May 22, 2009

A Blood Red Summer

Finally I get to drink wine especially one like Clayhouse's Adobe Red
at between 15 and 20 retail, this wine is a killer, all the time. This is one of the most versatile wines I have ever had. This wine does not need food, however it has the ability to be drunk with food, especially a nice rack...of lamb.

Wine: Clayhouse Adobe Red 2006

Aroma: Fresh, Ripe garden berries. Cherries and Plum with a slight hint of lavender

Color: Garnet, with hues of Ruby, and violet around the rim

Flavor: A little vanilla, probably showing through from the oak, with wild blueberries and plum. Excellent wine, not only is this wine an eclectic blend of grapes (zin,syrah, petite sirah, malbec), it is also an meritage of different AVA's from the Central Coast of California. The finish and mouthfeel of this wine is unprecedented, in that its not an really long acidic finish but a smooth creamy one. Its hard to put this wine down, and youll never realize its gone until you try to pour your last glass and the bottle is lite. The Zin is very well integrated, as this is not a perceived sweetness zin as much as a well tannically balanced wonder, perfect for BBQ.

Cigar Recommendation: The somewhat meaty structure and well layered aspect of this wine would show well with a cigar of the same capacity i recommend a Cusano Cuvee Sungrown, for its spicy layers and pleasant aroma

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  1. Hai..............
    I don't like drinking wines.I got many chances but i have refused every time.A pure fresh grape juice is the drink for me in the thirsty times.
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