Friday, June 05, 2009

Shedding Light Part one

Part one
“Just because you let them take away smoking, doesn’t mean they won’t take away something you care about you one day” - Craig Rossi

You think Tobacco is unhealthy? What about the millions of people dying from diabetes, heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol or any other disease related to eating fried food, fast food, or anything else with trans fat. This is called co-morbidities, when a series of unhealthy lifestyles such as over eating without excerise. The government does nothing about this, no tax, no anti-eating campaign. No “truth” campaign about fat, no commercials about the addictiveness of overeating. The Surgeon General considers this an epidemic, who knows this? No one. I’m not saying that tobacco is good for you, nor am I saying that food is bad. I am saying that an excess of anything is unhealthy and bad for you. People think that because eating is something that you need to do in order to maintain homeostasis, you can fry it in trans fat, with an extra helping of mayo, and a diet coke and call it a day.

Speaking of Diet Coke why don’t we pause for a minute to reflect on what really happens in your body when you drink a “diet soda”. Dr. Russell Blaylock says in his book Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills. He states that when artificial sweeteners is your diet pop get broken down the stomach there is a metabolic by-product called DKP that is produced, this is a chemical that is closely related to N-nitrosourea. This is a very powerful brain tumor causing chemical, funny this is never said when teenagers are shown at a BBQ downing Diet Coke. Furthermore Asparteme contains methanol, yes the same methanol , which breaks down into formic acid. What is formic acid you may ask? Formaldehyde is used for embalming dead people and animals. Yeah that’s good for you, considering that is causes genetic damage, yes damage to your actual DNA. “Importantly, brain tumors are extremely rare before age one and one-half in the rat. So in truth the incidence of spontaneously occurring brain tumors would be even less than cited above. Yet, the aspartame fed rats developed two tumors by sixty weeks of age and five tumors by seventy weeks. (Excitotoxins by Russell L Blaylock MD, page 213”).

How about French Fries and Potato Chips? Betcha cant eat just one. Potato chips and French fries contain a chemical called acrylamide. Acrylamide is a chemical that occurs naturally in most organic substances and is known to be cancer causing. This chemical is amplified by heat, and is very prevelant and amplified during the frying process. Yes the FDA has all kinds of information on the subject but yet rarely does anything about it. They asked that Lance potato chips have less acrylamide added, and requested that they re-evaluate the content of this cancer causing chemical. Are their any taxes added to them? No. Is their an age limit required to consume this cancer causing chemical? No. Smokers pay a tax called SCHIP which stands for state child health insurance program, but yet we allow our children to eat artificial sweeteners, too much sugar, French fries and potato chips that contain these cancer causing chemicals, and our focus is shifted on anti-teen smoking campaigns and other things designed to keep kids away from smoking or being around smoke. Instead of keeping them sheltered from everything, we should educate them on everything that can be harmful to your health not just smoking. Teach them how to use all things responsibly and make their own educated decisions on what they choose to do. Yes smoking is bad for you, so are Trans Fats, acrylamide in potato chips and French fries , DKP in Diet Pops, and most other foods we eat, not to mention the high cholesterol and other things that are readily available designed, and marketed to consumers young, and old.

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  1. Love that article man. Well written about the ugly truth and backwards thinking that runs rampant these days. -Tex